Global Confederation of Romanian Student

STUDENTV is a YouTube Charity Channel by Global Confederation of Romanian Students Foundation to generate donations on behalf of young people who want to study abroad. Our concept is pretty easy. By just watching our video you donate. All our videos are monetized by the YouTube platform. This income goes directly into our charity projects. It was our aim to find a way to give every person in the world a chance to do good. At STUDENTV no one is spending their own money. Watch = Donate. Our slogan: "You Watch, We Donate!" .

How the magic happens:.

* We raise € 4K to send one Romanian student to continue studies in EU (if we raise € 40K, we can send 10 students abroad).

* Each student chooses and applies for the education of their choice.

* Upon being accepted, STUDENTV by Global Confederation of Romanian Students covers all the financial costs related to accomodation, transportation and food for the next 4 months (usually from september until december).

* After about 4 months from the arrival day in the chosen country, the student gets qualified to receive the maintenance loan available in that country; from that moment they become financially independent for the next about 4-5 years of studies abroad.

* In addition to maintenance coverage, students are also provided with a network of lifelong mentors to support their journey. The mentors are none other than the Romanians (we would simply name them G.C.R.S. Ambassadors) who have been in the university center and in STUDENTV for a year sooner, and they already know the whole bureaucracy of moving to a new country. Besides, they already have many tips about rent, food, leisure and much more.

* Being financially independent and studying at a top university in a high qualitative academic environment, students go on to likely get recruited and hired through their programs, and in turn bringing their best contribution to the world.

* We continue the process; the more money we raise each year, the more young people from Romania have a chance to change their destiny and make the best of it.

Changing someone’s life and impacting the world through access to education has never been this simple as just watching our YouTUBE channel.

Global Confederation of Romanian Students

The more money we raise, the more young people can have access to education in the field of choice.

The monthly expenses of a student are about 1.000 euro (that includes rent, transportation, food and books) in any European country; we would definitely like to support them exploring other continents as well, but we firstly start with Europe.

* If a student needs less than € 1.000 monthly (let’s say the amount needed is € 500) because his parents/relatives/scholarships can cover part of expenses, then another student in a similar situation can benefit of the difference. In other words, instead of supporting one student with €1.000 monthly, we could support 2 students with €500.

* We refer to this amount since it is equivalent to the value of student loans, which are right estimations of how much a student's expenses rise monthly.

* There is a serious demand and need for the support we provide, and € 4K is just a start, but nowhere near enough. €100K means changing the lives of more than 25 young people.

De ce suntem unici?

Pentru că noi NU te trimitem la studii, noi te așteptam deja aici.